Adult Kickboxing classes at Tiger Martial Arts in Oxford

Adult Kickboxing:


Have fun getting in great shape whilst making new friends and feeling less stressed

Have fun getting in great shape whilst making new friends and feeling less stressed

Our Adult Kickboxing Programme is a unique blend of two leading martial arts styles Kickboxing & Muay Thai.

The Curriculum combines the speed, movement and dynamic techniques of Kickboxing with the powerimpeccable fitness & overall conditioning of Muay Thai.

Adult Kickboxing Classes at Tiger are perfect for both men and women looking for something new.

Our professional approach to coaching ensures a safe training environment where drills and techniques are taught to the highest standard and practiced with the utmost control.

The classes provide a safe yet fun learning environment where all shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome.


Both men and women joining our classes appreciate the benefits of a great cardiovascular workout, as well as:

Adult Group

At Tiger, we understand martial art schools can be a little intimidating at first.

Our friendly team will make sure you are well looked after on your first visit and our courteous students will welcome you as a part of the family so that you feel comfortable from the outset.

Tiger Ma member reviews

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“I highly recommend the adult kickboxing classes to keep in shape and make new friends.”
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“My first adult kickboxing session today, and already love it. Great team and great atmosphere!”
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“I came to the adult classes for the fitness, but the people are what keep me coming back. Everyone was so welcoming from day one. Everyone is so supportive and chatty and it’s always a bit daunting when you first go somewhere new, but you feel welcomed in and made a part of the Tiger family from day one, fantastic instructors that have created an awesome culture to work out in!”
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“Absolutely LOVE Tiger Martial Arts adult classes! I’ve been with them for just over 5 months now and I love it just as much now as I did on Day 1! - Everyone made me feel so comfortable from the get-go, a real community, made friends for life here! Not only am I getting an awesome workout but I’m learning true commitment, discipline & technical skills that really challenge myself!”
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“Tiger Martial Arts is an amazing school for all ages and abilities. There is a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere and a strong sense of family with children, teenagers and adult training session available. The instructors create a fun and friendly approach to learning Muay Thai and Kickboxing and motivate everyone to encourage them along at their own pace on their martial arts journey. I would highly recommend TMA to any friends and family!”
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“So pleased I choose Tiger Martial Arts... great teachers who make you feel very welcome with excellent teaching techniques...I'm always looking forward to the next lesson.”
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“Great teachers, excellent work-out!”
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“Tiger Martial Arts has reignited my passion for kickboxing, and it's all down to the excellent instructors, who are absolute professionals. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have found a safe space to push my limits and continue perfecting the art of kickboxing, and I have the instructors to thank for that. I am beyond happy to consider myself part of the Tiger family now, and I look forward to seeing how far I can progress. Would highly recommend to anyone considering joining.”


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