The most common Frequently Asked Questions we get from students or their parents! 

The most common questions we get from students or their parents! 

We provide all of the kit you will need for your first class, wear something comfortable to train in and bring water.

No experience is necessary, our classes are great for complete beginners. Your first session will be in a beginner class with other beginners of the same fitness & ability level as you.

Our Tiger Cubs programme is for 4-5yrs and our Junior Programme is from 6yrs+.

Not at all, our beginner classes can be taken at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Our members and instructors are incredibly friendly, you will feel at ease the moment you arrive. Our professional approach to coaching ensures a safe training environment where you will feel well looked after.

Definitely, our classes are fun and engaging, your child will be excited to return week after week.

We have a great mix of males and females in all of our age groups, in fact the split is roughly 50/50.

Yes, we often have students completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award with us.

Confidence is the most common reason parents enrol their children into our martial arts programme. Our martial arts programme is a journey of self-development, during your child’s martial arts education they will learn how to make friends, overcome challenges and say no to negative peer pressure. Enabling them to build lasting confidence from the inside out, helping them to be more self assured and preventing them from being a victim of bullying.

We fully appreciate this concern and would like to reassure you that we set boundaries so your child will know from their very first session that their practice must be done responsibly and not used elsewhere.

Yes, but this is not a quick fix. It takes time and experience to be able to effectively defend yourself. The first form of self-defence is awareness and confidence, necessary to prevent yourself from being a victim in the first place.


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