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Basic Instructor Training & Instructor Training Academy

Basic Instructor Training - Taster Day

Friday 3 December 2021
6pm to 8pm

NOA Community Centre, OX2 7DP


Apply for the taster day today, application closes Saturday 27 November. As you'll appreciate, spaces are limited.

Suitable for 14yrs+ and no need to worry about current experience or belt level as the Basic Instructor Training Course is open to all abilities.

On Friday 3 December we will have a lot of fun introducing you to some of the key principles of becoming a world class instructor and leader. A fantastic opportunity for you to explore the exciting possibility of becoming part of our next Basic Instructor Training Course

Do you want to progress your martial arts skills by learning how to teach others and experience the fulfilling rewards that go hand in hand with passing on your martial arts knowledge and experience whilst giving back to your martial arts community and inspiring the next generation of martial artists.

That’s ok, we hear this all the time!!!

This may surprise you, but, none of your martial arts instructors started out wanting to be an instructor. 

What you see in your instructors now started with their passion for martial arts (just like you), which over time grew into a passion to help others and resulted in them spending more time doing what they love… seeing lives transformed through martial arts education.

Our Basic Instructor Training course (B.I.T) is a short 4-6 month course for 14yrs+ which focuses on:

The Basic Instructor Training course gives you the opportunity to see if martial arts instructing is right for you.

Successful completion may also lead to an invite into our Instructor Training Academy where you will continue a full instructor training programme towards becoming a qualified martial arts instructor with the ability to teach on a voluntary, part-time or full-time basis and who knows maybe run your own martial arts school one day.