Teak Porter

Favourite Motivational Quote “You can’t let your failures define you. You have to let your failures teach you.”

Barack Obama.

Teak Porter

Manager and Head Instructor at Tiger Martial Arts in Summertown.
A fantastic instructor with lots of passion and empathy for his coaching team and students.

Teak Porter

Mr Porter’s journey started when he enrolled his daughter into our Junior Programme, as is the case with many of the parents in the school he became enthused with the culture and curiosity led him to try our beginner adult programme. He was immediately hooked!

Committed to training every day, Mr Porter soon became passionate about helping others to succeed in their martial arts journey, which naturally led to him becoming an assistant and then a qualified instructor.

Mr Porter previously worked in the legal profession but became disheartened with the daily monotony of working at a desk from 9am – 5pm, not being active as a result and doing a job that he no longer enjoyed. 

Realising his potential as a leader and discovering his passion for teaching, Mr Porter became a full-time instructor who is incredibly motivated to make a difference in his students’ lives as he enjoys a more fulfilling purpose.

Mr Porter now takes great delight in teaching his students, mentoring his coaching team and managing all operations across the school.


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